Conducting Orchestra Vitae

October is going to be a very special month.

Rewind to NYE 2011 (almost 4 years ago!); Fiona​ and I sat on a hill in London and spoke about getting an orchestra together to perform one of our favourite works: Brahms Symphony No.1. We had an audience of 97, and a burning enthusiasm to keep the ball rolling. Orchestra Vitae had begun!

We quickly developed our aims and objectives, which stand true almost 4 years later. We inject a spark into the classical concert experience. Our aim is to inspire non-musicians to come to love the concert hall, and challenge their pre-conception of 21st Century music.

In just 3 years this energetic orchestra have worked tirelessly to produce concerts throughout London and beyond, every time focusing on the goal of “injecting life into performance.”

A few things we’re proud of:

  • Being part of the TEDx Albertopolis​ conference at the Royal Albert Hall​
  • Performing at the Royal Festival Hall with Wimbledon Choral Society to an audience of over 2,000.
  • Developing a longstanding relationship with our education partner: Foundation for International Education.
  • Forming a lasting residency at St John’s Smith Square​
  • Working with an entire primary school in Wandsworth on a brand new outreach program

These achievements could not have happened without the dedication of our performers and our audiences, and the support of our kind donors and management team. The entire operation is continuously growing, and there are very exciting projects in the pipeline.

Why is October special?

Having started this adventure with Brahms’ 1st Symphony, we’ve gradually made our way through the second and third, as well as the magnificent Ein Deutches Requiem. Brahms is somewhat of a passion if you hadn’t already guessed!

The 2015/16 season kicks off with something close to my heart. The 4th Symphony is a masterpiece; it is the most progressive of all 4 symphonies, and yet keeps the heartfelt warmth so characteristic of Brahms. I am excited and yet terrified!

We’re looking ahead.

One of our biggest goals is to perform the works of living British composers. This season we’re engaging with Martin Butler, performing his Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Strings. The international saxophonist John Harle will join us on stage on the 15th October, you won’t want to miss it!

Can you help?

With such big aspirations, and a host of previous experience, Orchestra Vitae has one more goal that is central to our development. We will pay all of our musicians for the work they do. We hire freelance professionals, and we expect them to perform with life and enthusiasm. This cannot happen without adequate payment. As an orchestra, we don’t yet pay the recommended wage, but we constantly strive to reach it.

We are running a funding campaign!

If you would like to help us as an orchestra, the easiest way is to help us reach our funding target of £3000. Please see our kickstarter campaign. You are helping us develop, and reach out to more in the community. You are supporting the arts in a time of great need.

Thank you.


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